How to style Nude and Brown in this season

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As much as we like to feel like autumn exist in Nigeria (it doesn’t), it doesn’t stop us from following fashion trends and owing the fashion street. While the weather transitions from summer to fall, it is paramount to loose those sunny happy colours and adapt darker earthy tones. Don’t ask me why, it’s an unspoken rule by the fashion gods.

Pairing Nude and brown is one of the most stylish and simple ways to pair these colours. The nude compliments the brown and makes the look instantly classy. Just like in when I styled it here

When I went thrift shopping, I got the best deals for this outfit and shared how to get the best from thrifting here. I paired a brown trouser I’ve worn before here and a nude peplum blouse. I didn’t want the outfit too brown like how I did here, so I paired it with a black stiletto and white fringed earrings which I wrote was a 2019 trend here.

Ayah rocks earthy tones on

Earthy tones for fall on

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TAKING STOCK |Curated Outfits, Reading List and Current Playlist|

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Happy New Month and Welcome to September…

For the past month, going out has become somewhat normal and its beginning to fit into my timetable. Dressing up is an aspect of my life I love so much and having an opportunity to dress up  is something I appreciate. I decided to curate my outfit of the last month.

Basically, I highlighted outfits I felt the most comfortable and fashionable in.

Outfit 1

A yellow palazzo and white chiffon top. I paired it with dangling earrings and my favourite go to espadrilles.

Outfit 2

I paired this hand made wrap dress with a tinkerbell inspired shoe and a purse from miniso. I loved the tinkerbell look it gave me.

Dress: handmade by me

Outfit 3

My favourite look for the month. I paired an Ankara top with a red palazzo and DIY mules. I absolutely loved the outcome.

Top: one on one clothing

Palazzo: hand made by me.

Outfit 4

I embraced the colour block trend and went with 3 string colours. Yellow, orange and red. I wore a neutral shoe to ton down the colours.

Blazer: One on one clothing

Outfit 5

A pink off shoulder top paired with an Ankara palazzo paired with DIY mules.

Top and Palazzo: hand made by me

You can also read on where I rocked this outfit to here.

Outfit 6

I wore an oversized shirt, a belt to bring it to size and a strappy sandal to make it dressy. You can read on the history of this shirt here.

Outfit 7

Handmade dress by me. I decided to be a red queen and show my monochrome through a different method. I paired the red dress with a red shoe.


For the last month, I’ve been reading a book called fireproof by Eric Wilson.


I’m currently on a Jon Bellion row. I can’t help but put most of his songs on repeat. It speaks to me on another level. My favourite for now would be Fashion.


You know me and movies are buddies. Asides from the recent movies coming out with I haven’t watched, I’m catching up on my favourite series while waiting for the new seasons.





What are you taking stock of this new month?

Please do leave your answers in the comment section ..

I lost my boyfriend but I gained a Shirt

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If there’s one thing any female wants, it’s having unlimited access to a raid their mans wardrobe. This does not however prove to be important because regardless of how many shirts you gain, it doesn’t act as a mucilage.

During a closet declutter, I came across a shirt which I inherited from a prospective boyfriend. Now my case is different because it wasn’t an unlimited access but as a parting gift. A summer whirl wind romance just like in the movie “the Vow” and when we parted ways, the shirt was a reminder of our growing love.

Fast forward a year later, the romance had died and the boyfriend long gone but the shirt, still available and ready to be worn. Thank You Fashion Jesus.🙏 while the universe did say No to my self inflicted long distance relationship, it said YES to me owning an over size shirt and being a fashion expert.

As a fashion expert, I can very much conclude such shirts are very versatile. Ladies, you know what I mean? Night wears, shirt dresses, over size shirts you can rock with mom jeans or skinny jeans. The universe did speak and I listened.

How would you rock your Ex Boyfriend’s shirt?

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|I embraced my inner child| Things you should know when you visit pleasure park.

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Being away from writing and slightly depressed from not having a job yet. I took a day to myself to hang out with a friend and enjoy a city I’ve lived in my whole life but haven’t explored.

I visited pleasure park in Port-Harcourt as a first timer. Surprising ehn! For a chic who claims to be a PH city girl, I haven’t visited one of the most toured locations in River State.

Pleasure Park is located in somewhat the centre of town and very accessible. I went on a week day because I didn’t want to be hounded by little children but you know what? they were millions of little children running around like minions. Apparently its holiday time.

Gate Fee: to gain entrance much like any place, you pay a non refund fee of N500 and a parking fee of N300 but I think those work on week days. I’ll go on the weekend to find out the price range but I’m guessing it might be more expensive.

Fun Things to Try

If you’re going to visit pleasure park and you want to have the maximum fun, these are a list of fun activities to try out

Boat Ride: they have a mini lake in the centre ish all you have to do is pay N2500 and you’ll enjoy a ride with a life guard and jacket of course.

Shooting Range: I didn’t go in because I wasn’t with enough money but I think it’s also N2500 but I can’t say for sure.

Bull Ride: I only ever see this in cowboy movies but seeing it in real life was cool too. I didn’t try it since it wasn’t actually put to use.

Train Ride: the train ride is N500. Personally I think it’s a bit fun mainly cause it will take you round the park.

There’s a merry go round, bouncing castles and all the usual things for kids.


I have to tell you the truth and I’m not dissing the cook or cooks but the food is mad average and not exactly worth the price.

Pop Corn which I love whole heartedly was a disappointment. It was overly burnt and sprinkled with milk to make up for the tacky way it was made.


It’s a serene place to visit: the air, the vibe, everything. You can just go there and enjoy the environment without actually spending too much money.

Note: this is based on my experience at the said location. Your trip there might give you a different experience. I hope it’s fun for you as it was for me.

Photocredit: shot and edited with Google pixel and Samsung Galaxy by styleamira and the_brethren.

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The style tips to take your casual outfits to the next level

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If there’s one thing I know, we always want to slay as individuals. Alot of times we dress so casually that’s we forget the phrase it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. You can take an everyday casual outfit to the slay level with these tips:


Sneakers always make an outfit fly as hell. A lot of outfits look better and slayish if paired with a sneakers.

A trendy accessory

I’m not going to lie. Trendy accessory make an outfit sometimes. I wore a black straw hat and used my PVC handbag from allthingschic.


Sun glasses always work and upgrades an outfit. I know Corp members always look fly when wear shades. The perfect pair of shades will make you look fly and up to date.

I hope this post has been helpful.

How do you upgrade your casual outfit? Do leave your tip in the comment section.

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The best budget friendly stores I shop at

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If there’s one thing I love doing, it’s shopping. It’s so therapeutic and cleansing especially when you see your new items. The best thing about feeding my guilty pleasure is Budget shopping. They’re so many legit budget friendly stores on the gram. Thought I should share a few that have gotten my schmoney and will get it in future.

Thrifted Pieces

I love this store. They have the best work wear pieces. I got a pink blazer from there and I absolutelyl love everything about it. I always look out for new outfits.

Store Price Range: N3000 – N3500.

Nuellahhthrift Store

This is another store after my heart. She has really lovely pieces especially summer dresses. I bought a lovely boohoo dress from her.

Store price range: N2000 – N4000.

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Perrez Collection

Asides from being an all round store, I love the deconstructed tops she brings to the table. Shopping at perezze will change your fashion sense.. COMPLETELY.

Store price range: N2000 – N3000.

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They have the best body suits in the game. I’m not even kidding, I always find my self going through their page and admiring the outfits.

Store price range: N1000 – N3000.


This store has so many dresses for all kinds of occasions. Summer dresses, dinner dresses and even office dresses. Might as well shop there when I’m ready to start work.

Store price range: N3000 – N5000

Do check out these pages and if you feel comfortable you might as well shop till you drop till you drop (literally your account will drop😉).

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|How to be Confident in your Style|

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Style is an ever changing commodity, It takes us from looking raggy to feeling classy. I wrote a post about how to identify your personal style, this is just an extension to it. You’ve identified your personal style but being confident in your style is a bigger issue.

Alot of us over the years have an idea of what kind of style we like but have never been confident enough to dress that way.

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Having the confidence to rock certain outfits starts with these tips:

Embrace your figure

Once you know your figure, embracing it is the next step. In a world where everyone wants to have an hour glass shape, embracing yours is important. Once you accept your figure, you’ll start to buy dresses that compliments it.

Keep it Minimal

Minimal fashion is key. Keep things simple and Elegant. We might as well take lessons from the royals for this. Kate Middleton has bodied the minimal fashion trend effortlessly.

Wear a colour that fits your complexion

I have to admit, some colours look better on some complexion than others but lets not forget some colours also have atleast 10 shades. Picking the right shade to fit your skin colour is a good way to start.

Must Read: What does style mean to you?

Trends are just an accessory

Forget trends and dress for yourself. Trends are just accessories for someone with a great style. Following trends will make you loose your sense of style and sooner or later you’ll be lost in a world of trends.

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Trend|10 ways to style a sheer dress|

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Sheer dresses have been trending for a while but just when you feel it’s going out of fashion, you see a pile of sheer dresses in the market. Unexplored territory waiting to be explored.

Sheer is a bit exposing for a lot of people and that makes it a very sceptical trend to jump on. Why not share 10 different ways you can rock a sheer dress depending on your style.


I love this style because it can be worn for a casual hang out with friends. I recommend it for Sunday brunch.

Be girls night out ready in this sheer top and denim shorts.

Wear a sheer top with a black lace top and boyfriend jeans.

Style a sheer dress with a leather jacket and skinny jeans.

Get festival ready with shorts, a tank and a sheer dress. Coachella won’t be ready.

Be Casually chic in a sheer dress over a midi skirt and crop top.

Go a bit modest with a turtle neck top and mom jeans.

This look can pass for an office look. I love it especially since its all black.

Go casual edgy with sweatpants and a denim jacket. A sure unconventional way to style a sheer dress.

Be completely edgy with metallic blazer over a sheer dress and lovely boots.

Which style would you rock?

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How to have multiple income streams

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Last month, I put up a post on why you need multiple income streams( read here) and alot of people asked how to have multiple income streams since I didn’t elaborate on it. This post is an extension and I’ve penned down a few ways you can have multiple income streams.

  • Have a Second Job

Lets be honest, this is hard especially for those with a 9 to 5 job but it can be attainable. A lot of professionals: medical practitioners, legal practitioners and even teachers have it a bit easier with working 2 jobs.

  • Have a Business

Running a business with another job is hard but still possible. A friend of mine works on weekdays and runs his clothing business on weekends. It’s not glamorous especially if you can’t handle stress but when it’s a business you love then all things are possible.

  • Have a passive income

One of my readers actually suggested this and I completely agree. There’s nothing sweeter than receiving a passive income. There’s a long list of organizations that gives you an access to passive income: Forever living, longrich etc.

  • Investments

Yeilding profits from investments made is a great way to harness wealth. It’s a good way to get a passive income.

  • Make use of your online presence

Every young person has access to the internet. Turing it into a money making venture will go along way to help you with have multiple incomes.

Hopefully my tips have been helpful.

What are the few ways you can make extra money?

|How to deal with anxiety during Social Media Breaks|

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Hate it or love it, a creatives job revolves around social media. With the constantly evolving social media algorithms especially on instagram, taking a break from social media can be very dire to a growing influencer.

Alot of people talk about how taking a break from social media is good for your mental health and I completely agree, It is great for your mental health. The question is, in a society where all your work is done on social media, how can you afford a break and not worry about it? How do you deal with the anxiety of not knowing what is happening on your social media pages?

Well I’ve got a few tips on how you can handle such situations:

Remember why you took the break in the first place

We take social media breaks because we’re overwhelmed with everything happening on it. Your followers probably weren’t growing as much as you wanted or you weren’t getting enough engagement on your post, and you needed a creative break. You need to remember why you took the break when you get anxious.

Go on a holiday

Taking social media breaks and staying jobless is a sure way to get that anxiety kicking in. Plan a holiday and see the serene environments help to take your mind off things. For a creative, social media is work and leaving a job you love makes one anxious. A vacation or staycation will sort that out or even staying home and declaring a holiday will help you. P.S. the key is in relaxation.

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It’s normal to worry especially since we’re humans but meditation has been proven to help with anxiety. I’m not one to do yoga but it works. Being in a one on one situation with God will help you worry less. Besides didn’t the bible say be anxious for nothing.

Your mental health is important

I cannot overemphasis the importance of mental health. You need to remember that social media is always going to be there: WhatsApp, Facebook Instagram, Twitter etc. As much as an online presence is good in your business, taking care of your mental health is importanter (lol). Taking a break from social media will help improve your mental health.

These tips should come in handy when you plan to take a social media break. It can get overwhelming especially if you’re a growing influencer.

Have you ever taken a break from social media? Care to share how your experience?

Till my next post

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